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More Renji x Byakuya

Yes I have no life, I have just finished reading this fic, written by artemisms , and it's fabulous!!!

An AU with Renji as the sweet student and Byakuya as the Prof! There were also cameo's of other characters and Rukia was married to Ichigo!!!

I'm not sure if I can say it's well written as I have a slight problem with differentiating between liking and well written. One thing is certain tho, there were no areas that jarred, rarely any language that didn't sit true. And well honestly after reading the whole 10 parts plus an epilogue, if there were any bits that weren't quite right, I don't remember them!

I especially like the 10th part and epilogue! Sweet!!!

check it out ---> Part 1



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17th Jul, 2007 06:56 (UTC)
Aww, I'm glad you liked my story!!! I'm sorry if you didn't think it was well-written!! ^^;;; It was my first fanfic.
12th Aug, 2007 04:26 (UTC)
NO That's not what I meant!!! I'm one of those annoying people who always analysises things and hates bad spelling tense etc etc etc. I dont even think about it, it just happens in the back of my mind and annoys the sh*t out of me, because it spoils a good story! But with your story I was having so much fun reading it that the little annoying voice was drowned out!

I guess the only thing I can say is that I wouldn't have recommended it if I thought it was crap. I read so many that I don't think are worth mentioning, that's why there are so few posted on my journal, because there are so few fics that I can switch of the inner critic with. Yours was one of them. I have re-read it several times now and still enjoy it!

Please, I am concerned that I have hurt your feelings rather than got across the rolicking fun I had whilst reading you fic. I'm sorry if I have.
12th Aug, 2007 05:54 (UTC)
Oh my!! aww, Well, you know us writers; we bruise so easily, haha XDDD I was already in a funk when I read your review and OF COURSE interpreted it the WORST way possible *bonks self in head* I'm really, really glad you liked it after all ^^;; If there were no grammars errors, well, that's probably because I teach college English for a living LOL So I'm pretty decent with the grammar stuff ^_~
12th Aug, 2007 06:34 (UTC)
Oh thank God!!! I have been pacing my backyard thinking about this all arvo. I'm thinking about writing a list of the ten things not to do when writing fanfics. All cos of the thinking I've been doing. LOL You know the ones where the characters are half snake cos there would be no way they could twist around like the author wrote, or the gender confused ones.. he, she, and then he again a moment later. *snicker* <--- Personally I LOVE those, always good for a laugh!

I know there is one for AMVs some where. Something along the lines of no subtitles, no dancing Vash the Stampede, even though he's a hilarious dancer. That kind of thing. I'm not fabulously good at writing so it's rather rich coming from me, but there are times when I have read something so bad it's hilarious.

hello my name is Breandan. <---Small boy wanted to say something too.

Anyway, I'm going to muse this over for a while before I do anything about it. Can't have a list of ten things with only 2 in it!!! :-P
12th Aug, 2007 19:39 (UTC)
LOL That fanfic list sounds like a good idea. I don't think I've ever seen a dancing Vash AMV, but then again, I only watch Bleach AMVs ^^;;

Hello, Breandan!! ((lol how cute))
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