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Renji x Byakuya Fan Fiction x 3

It becomes apparent that there is something wrong with your life when everything revolves around when you read fanfiction. Or YAOI for that matter.

Here's a few of my favourite time wasters, work avoiders........ well you get the drift!

Uchiha Yumi
Title: Backlash
Pairings: Renji x Byakuya

This is one fine piece of fun, it's easy to empathise with the characters!!

Title: Valentine’s Gift
Pairings: Renji x Byakuya

Sweet and short!!!

Title: All you Need is LOVE
Summary: What happens when you’re in love with your loud-mouthed fukutaichou but your loud-mouthed fukutaichou is in love with your step-sister? And what happens if said sister is in love with a certain orange-haired ryoka-boy? Byakuya x Renji, one-sided Renji x Rukia, Ichigo x Rukia
Pairings: Byakuya x Renji; One-sided Renji x Rukia (on Renji’s side), Ichigo x Rukia, other crack pairings appearing along the way.

This one has to be the funniest yet that I have read, enjoy, I'm sure you will!!!