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HP Cataloguing Project Update

Well it's an ongoing process trying to catalogue the many, many stories that I read on an ongoing basis. The project has lagged a little. But things are picking back up again. For those of you that dont know the address... hp.shan-chan.com

So where things are at is that I now have 3 themed lists live and one pairing. There are many lists still in the draft stages but I'm getting there. Today I updated both the Vampire list and the HPSS pairing list with two stories.

Now for a rec… Severus Sighs is having a Grand Challenge. Hmm… what does this mean for you and I? Well lots of lovely stories featuring everyones favourite potions master. And no not all of them are slash and even less are Snarry. It’s a Severus Snape focused Com so there is all sorts of delights for the discerning reader.

Go and check it out!