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Some sweet Snarry recs

Harry Potter has over taken my life yet again… ok I admit it, I never did get him out and now he’s joined by Snape, Malfoy and other bits of hot goodness!!!

A couple of new (to me) stories that I just had to share…

Smitty the basilisk

Smitty is the child of the Basilisk that Harry slew in 2nd year, he speaks English, can write (this is his story after all!!!) is a matchmaker of the highest degree!!! There are various pairings, the main one being Harry/Severus with a little Ron/Hermione and Draco/? thrown in. Fun to read, it did lag in one or two places but work sticking it out!!!

Order of Merlin, First Class

Bloody brilliant!!! I mean really! I had to stuff my fist in my mouth so that I wouldn’t wake up the house with all my laughing!!! This plot devise has been seen before, but this is a rather different take on it. Harry is at a ministry function and being presented with an Order of Merlin, First Class, when our intrepid boy hero is bored witless and surrounded by idiots and so he goes and hides somewhere and finds something unexpected! A lovely humorous bit of Harry/Severus with a little something different. Oneshot.

On The Usefulness of the tie

Again a laugh a minute oneshot, Harry/Severus in a humorous angsty tussle with a tie… and just who is Ron playing games with too???

How Harry Potter saved the life of Severus Snape - And how the avenged themselves for long years of manipulation

Ah, such a beautiful subtitle, and that just says it all. Harry and Snape get revenge on Dumbledore… with a little bit of life saving thrown in. God how I laughed!!!!

Everybody wants to be a cat

Summary: Harry, in his Animagus form, finds himself getting tickled by his dear Potions professor. He discovers some very strange and disturbing things about himself…and another person.

This is definitely a good one, but then I have a definite weakness for Kitty!Harry so that is no surprise!!! Even more amusing is the tease about the pairing for the following story, which I believe has not been translated into English yet.

Pretty Little Drawings

Summary: Who hasn't ever drawn a naughty picture on a scrap in their homework notebook? Hmm? Harry is no exception to the rule. Except that it's his Potions homework, and he turns it in without realizing.

The interaction between the two protagonists is glorious with it’s snark, and the visual teasing that the two take part in is precise enough that I can actually visualise the images themselves. In fact the imagery used in this story could produce some amazing fan art if one was so inclined…