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Sweet Harry Potter

As part of a web based project on CMS systems (yes that a bit of repetition for you who are in the know) I have started to put together a HP fic listing/rec site. It's ongoing and I don't think that it will ever end. There are that many fics out there and they are constantly growing. Never-the-less I am busily cataloging the ones that I have come across and trying to be objective about it all. Of course in the process of it all there are always one or two that you come across that just stand out. Either for being really bad or good! I am not fond of recommending WIPs unless they are outstanding, and I think that the following may just break that barrier...

Warning Adult Content Wings Eclipsing Night
Part 1: Beneath A Shattered Fountain
by kc_anathema

A Post War fic, with a strong slavery theme. Add a little veela!Draco and dark!Harry to the mix and you have a loverly little story about domination and love...? I am not fond of the dark!Harry theme that often runs through these stories, but this one is as subtly addictive as nicotine, just one puff, and then another and next thing you know you've spent the better half of the afternoon reading it to the exclusion of everything else.

Read it and love it! I did!!!